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Steamboat Restaurants Seasonal Closures

This event starts on  April 20, 2014 and ends on  May 31, 2014

The following restaurants will be closed on the dates shown below.  Those not listed should be open for business as usual.  A few could not be reached, so the list (courtesy of MainStreet Steamboat) may be incomplete.

Beau Jo’s - April 20 through April 28  
bistro cv
 - unknown  
Brooklyn’s - 
3or 4 days the end of May
Cantina - Closed until 4pm on Mondays and Tuesdays through April   
Carl’s - 
 May 4 & 5, and May 26
Ciao Gelato - April 20 – 23
Double Z - a couple of days for cleaning, dates not set
E3 Steakhouse - April 21 through May 5
Hungry Dog 
closed until May 15
Laundry - Bar seating only Sunday through Tuesday – full menu available in bar
Mahogany Ridge - closed until May 9   
Mambo Italiano - 
a couple of days for cleaning but dates not set 
Mazzola’s - 
Hours reduced to 5pm – 9pm   
Mountain Brew –  
April 20 through April 28
Old Town Pub - opening at noon instead of 11am   
Sambi - 
Smokehouse - closed until summer - date unknown
Skull Creek Greek - unknown 
Sunpie’s - 
closed until mid-May
Steaming Bean Coffeehouse -
 Closing at 1 pm through mid-May   
Sweet Pea Cafe - 
reopening mid-May