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Lagoon Park Opens

Lagoon Court, the recently paved roadway to the skateboard and bike jump parks located at Bear River Park, is now open to the public.  Lagoon Court is located on the south side of US Highway 40 between Shield Dr. and Riverside Dr. (behind the jail and justice centers) in the west end of Steamboat Springs.

A formal ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on site at noon on Wednesday, August 28.

Over the course of the next month, Public Works crews will be performing some final work, which may result in minor delays and small impacts to the parking area. Once all construction is complete, the City Parks Department will be working toward implementation of the Bear River Park comprehensive plan, which was approved in 2004.

The total cost of the access road and parking lot was approximately $300,000. By using City resources such as the City Streets Division, who completed this project alongside many other pressing deadlines, and the reuse of donated materials such as millings from the City’s paving program, the project has been completed at about half the cost it could have been using contracted vendors.

It took a huge collaborative effort between City Council, the City Streets Division, the City Engineering Division, the City Water Department, Landmark Consultants, Connell Resources, Frontier Structures, LaFarge, NWCC, CDOT, local utility providers, and user groups to make this happen. Thank you for your participation and contribution!

The entire Bear River Park site is located on the former City/Riverside Sanitation Lagoons. The City sewage treatment lagoons were properly decommissioned and State approval obtained prior to creating a public access. Decommissioning work was completed in-house from 2009-2012 in close coordination between the City Streets Dept. and City Engineering, with formal State approval obtained in late Winter/Spring 2012. The Lagoon Ct. roadway construction subsequently began in Fall 2012 and was completed in August 2013.

Please contact the City’s Project Manager Danny Paul at 871-8210 with any questions regarding this project or the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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