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National Cattledog Association 2014 Finals Coming to Steamboat This Summer

Dog handlers from across the country will gather at the Flying Diamond Ranch in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado June 18-22, 2014 to compete in the second annual National Cattledog Association Finals.  Spectators watch the dogs in action as they herd 800-pound animals through a series of obstacles.  The ranch comes alive with people enjoying crafts booths, food and refreshments.

Over 120 dogs will compete in five divisions:  Open, Nursery, Intermediate, Horseback and Intermediate Horseback.  Dogs qualify for the NCA National Finals by earning points in NCA sanctioned trials throughout the year.  Each dog must gather 6 cattle, 200 yards out and herd them through gates placed out in pasture.   The handlers whistle signals to the dogs as they maneuver the cattle through the course.  The dogs use eye contact with the cattle and body positions to move the herd.  NCA is proud to encourage this humane method of cattle ranching.  Spectators will be amazed at the focus and skill of the dogs.

In the horse division, cowboys will showcase modern day ranching styles.  The dogs bring the herd towards the handler while they give command from horseback.   The combination of cattle, horses and working dogs is a fundamental part of our agricultural heritage and impressive to see in person.   This event offers the family a unique western experience.

NCA’s National Final is brought to you in part by Steamboat in the Summertime. Produced by Misto Productions.

Tickets available at the event:  Adults $10/day or $30/week, Children $5/day or $15/week.

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