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Parking Forum TONIGHT

Parking in downtown Steamboat has been on the radar for more than 40 years.  Do we have a problem or don’t we? City Council is trying to define the problem.  Do we only have a problem at certain times and in certain places? If we have a problem, do we have the political will to pay for a parking structure or would customers appreciate paid parking? Are these the only solutions?  There are those that will argue both sides of the question.  Do you have an opinion or idea you would like share your comments with City Council and the parking consultants?Parking Forum
Tuesday, July 29
5:30 pm
Community Center

1605 Lincoln Avenue
Or you can send email comments to council here
This is your opportunity to weigh in on parking in downtown Steamboat Springs.  Please take a moment to add your thoughts on things like employee parking, enforcement, paid parking, parking structures (at $35,000-$50,00 per parking space), hours of enforcement, remote parking (Stockbridge), Howelsen Hill parking options, parking permits, parking in the neighborhoods, and any other concerns (or non-concerns) you
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