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See You in Craig at the 2014 Colorado Entrepreneurship Marketplace

Join us for this event on June 13, 2014!
There will be over 20 informational sesions in Marketing, Technology, Financing, Business Development, Business in Agriculture and Community Development!  All geared toward rural small business and non-profits!
The MarketPlace provides essential resources, tools and technical assistance for individuals who either want to start their own small business or take their existing business to the next level.
The keynote speaker will be: 
Jon Schallert from The Schallert Group.  

” Mom and Pop on Top: How to Be Small, but Play Large.”

Jon Schallert is the only business speaker in the world specializing in teaching businesses and communities how to turn themselves into Consumer Destinations. Schallert speaks to thousands annually on his “Destination Business” process, which he developed over the course of nearly thirty (30) years interviewing over 10,000 independent business owners.

In this conference keynote, attendees will see how Fortune 100 companies are now marketing themselves as small businesses because they know today’s consumers are spending more at independently-owned small businesses. With the new nationwide emphasis on “shopping local”, independent businesses and small communities suddenly have a huge competitive advantage, if they know how to position themselves correctly.

Jon will show audience members the critical mistakes that most Mom and Pop businesses make when trying to project their uniqueness, their customer service differences, and their product advantages. Attendees will come away with a new enthusiasm for being “small” and will know
better how to leverage their independence to influence consumer spending in their favor.

Luncheon Keynote:

“Reinventing Your Business Into a Consumer Destination”

Jon returns during lunch to show how most businesses today make major marketing mistakes, instead of focusing on proven tactics to immediately drive more customer traffic and sales in their doors. During this session, Jon will show how any business can use his Destination strategy to both capture local customers and retain tax dollars locally, while pulling in consumers from outside an area’s immediate demographic marketplace.

Attendees of this session will also learn:

  • How to create free publicity opportunities that gets your business in newspapers,magazines, television and online websites
  • How to target and attract their most profitable customers
  • How to get a customer to love your business in the first 7 seconds after they enter your doors.

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